If I allow people to be just okay, or to be mediocre – then what I am saying is I want a company that is just okay. Anyone who knows me will tell you that is not what I am about.” -Bradley J Sugars, Founder, ActionCOACH


It all starts with a vision.

Raymund uses his leadership skills and more than 3,500 proven and tested strategies to empower you to attain your vision for your business. 

Having a Master's Degree in Business and experience in several industries, he believes that by working together, you can untap the potential that exists within your business shareholders, achieving something amazing together that couldn’t be achieved on their own.

From business strategy development through application deployment, his disciplined yet flexible approach starts and ends with the clients. By listening hard and working harder, their goals become his goals.

This goes beyond basic consultation and engagement to “get people on board”. Using the needs of your team, customers, and stakeholders as foundation, he will develop an action plan that would create synergy that consistently produces results.

Your success is his satisfaction. He is committed to helping you quickly realize measurable business value and achieve sustainable ROI.

Raymund is a team player. He realizes that great teamwork always produces more than any one hardworking individual.

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  • Is your business generating less cash than you’d like?
  • Are you struggling to recruit, retain & develop the depth of talent needed to build a great company?
  • Are you looking for fast and effective improvements in your business?
  • Are you working longer hours than you’d like?
  • Are your marketing and sales campaigns delivering less than you’d like?

ActionCOACH has been helping people and businesses to work through these kinds of issues for over 15 years. The knowledge and systems developed over that time have brought significant improvements to hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world.

When you’re ready to massively improve your business, your income and your lifestyle, call to arrange a complimentary consultation and together we’ll explore the possibilities for you and your business.
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